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Payment Options

Monthly interest payments or additional principal payments can be made in the following ways:

Online Banking 
Sign into Online Banking, utilize Funds Transfer.  Set up one-time or recurring payments.

Payments can be automatically deducted from your external checking account.  Please complete the ACH Loan Payment form.

Monthly interest loan payments can be made using our automated voice response system. Contact us at 877.648.4880 and the system will prompt you through the process.

Wire Transfer*
Instructions: The Bancorp Bank, N.A.
Wilmington, DE 19809
ABA Number 031101114
Account Number 001119100 
Account Name: Loan Operations
Reference: FBO Account Title/Loan Account Number

Please make check payable to The Bancorp Bank, N.A. 

Mail to: The Bancorp Bank, N.A.
Attn: Loan Operations
409 Silverside Road, Suite 105
Wilmington, DE 19809

Please specify on the check memo line or on the wire transfer form how the additional payment should be applied to the loan account: 

  • Regular payment

  • Regular payment plus additional principal payment

  • Principal payment

  • Payoff and keep account open

  • Payoff and close account 

For any questions about payments, please contact us.